To give others an equal opportunity to find Employment in Japan, beginning January 3, 2018, Prudential Employment Agency Inc. will be accepting Job Applicants whose Birth Certificates are registered late with the Local Civil Registrar (LCR), provided the date of registration of their birth certificate should not go beyond December 31, 2000.

And now, those who registered beyond the year 2001 are eligible to apply for possible employment in Japan. Provided, further that they are able to submit the following documents to support their application:

1. Certified True Copy of Form 137 (with (2-3) Contract Numbers and Name of the Incumbent School Principal). 

2. Baptismal Certificate (with (2-3) Contact Numbers and Name of Parish Priest or Parish In-Charge). 

3. Justification from the Local Civil Registrar (Certification/Affidavit of Circumstance.) 

4. LCR Form 102 and Form 1A

Applicants whose Birth Certificates are registered beyond 2001 who have successfully accomplished the application form are still subject to approval by the Japan Embassy.