ANSWER: There are two ways to view the status of your submitted ticket. ( Only works if you submitted a ticket through our email address which is or submitted on our Facebook APPLICATION called support. If you submitted a ticket to any of these platforms then you will be receiving an email that your ticket has been received and other details included. 

What if I want to view the tickets conversation, comments of our agents or yours as well and other information related to your ticket?

  1. Use the public URL which can be found on the email that was sent after you send a ticket to us. 
  2. Register on our portal. 

How to register on our portal?

1. Visit our portal
2. Click sign up 

3. Please put in your details. 

4. After that a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. 

5. Check your email address and activate your account by clicking on the link provided!!! 

Open the email and you will see this. 





As always, if this doesn't work please contact us by sending us an email on to help you :)