ANSWER: TRAINEES taking Japanese Language Training are required to stay-in the designated dormitory and are expected to abide with the rules and regulations prescribed by the dormitory management. The rules and regulations are enforced to promote convenience, safety, peace and welfare of all the trainees. While the language lessons are conducted 8 hours daily from 8am-5pm, there are scheduled activities which requires the participation of all trainees like calisthenics, aerobics, and routine exercise daily at 5am and activities which are done in the evening after classes like bicycle lessons and review classes which normally end at 9pm.

If we allow trainees to stay-out of the dormitory it could be both very risky and costly for them to go home at this time and to report to class very early in the morning every day; to be able to participate in the class activities.

Trainees undergoing Japanese Language Training are provided dormitory facility by an outside concessionaire proximate to the school. However, food shall be at their own expense.