Inquiry anent “SHIMEI” or “APPOINTED WORKER” must be treated confidentially and on a case-to-case basis. There is a big possibility that it can be abused if we post this information intended for public readership.

There are many incidents in the past that unscrupulous individuals claim that they are appointed by such Japanese employers but upon thorough verification, the Japanese do not even know them. They just come to know about the Japanese employer from their neighbor’s friend or friends of their relatives who are not even or have not ever been a close associate of the Japanese national. There are also cases before when people claim that they are “SHIMEI” but in truth and in fact, they are only “SHOKAI” and have to pass through the same routine procedures similar to ordinary walk-in applicants. We do not normally entertain “SHIMEI” unless we receive the information from the employer’s themselves whom we are doing business with.