ANSWER:On the onset, let us clarify that those who will undergo the Japanese language
training are already selected by Japanese employers, meaning they already
passed the employer's personal interview and assessment, nobody is admitted to
the language training without being chosen by prospective employer.

 In short, while studying NIHONGO ( Japanese ), your documents are already being prepared and  processed. Before the start of your language training, you must have submitted the required documents for submission to POEA for the issuance of your letter of  recommendation (LOR).After you have been issued your LOR, Your documents
will be transmitted to your Japanese employer for review and evaluation. If your
documents are complete and in order, the employer will favorably endorsed them
to Japan immigration bureau, your documents undergo a thorough review, as to
their genuineness and accuracy which normally takes 3-4 months just very timely
with the completion of your Japanese language training.

 Cases of employers cancelling your impending employment is very minimal and
in such eventually, you shall be entitled to receive an amount representing refund
of expenses in securing your documents.